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Ms. Williams' work in travel and journalism has given her the opportunity to learn about diversity and use other languages firsthand. She brings an intellectual strength to her presentations that I find refreshing.
- Dr. Ruth Beeker University of Arizona
Kathleen Williams
The author of Creating a Peace of Art: Promoting Intercultural Understanding and Celebrating Diversity through Art, Kathleen Williams is a passionate advocate for the peacemaking potential of art and the use of experiential education techniques and practices to help students make these vital connections. Kathleen Williams has also worked with the Tarahumara Indians for over ten years and is a co-author of Mexico’s Copper Canyon. Considered to be the least-assimilated people in North America, the Tarahumara have increasingly turned to the sale of their arts and crafts as a means of interacting with the outside world on their own terms.

Ms. Williams’ work with the Tarahumara people has been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles, including Runner’s World and People Magazine, and was the subject of a National Geographic Television special. She enthusiastically shares her unique experiences through presentations that may be geared to teacher or student groups.

Lewis and Clark: The Art of the Expedition
Join the Bicentennial Celebration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition! Artists have found inspiration in the amazing events and accomplishments of the Lewis and Clark expedition ever since the intrepid explorers returned with tales of their adventures in the West. Help your students re-live this epic story of American history illustrated by the many works of art inspired by the expedition and make this historical event really memorable. Kitty Williams or Stevie Mack, authors of CRIZMAC's award winning Lewis and Clark VHS program Inspiring Journey, are each available to design workshops for teachers or students.

Creating a Peace of Art: Promoting Intercultural Understanding and Celebrating Diversity Through Art
Unity…Harmony…Perspective…Value. The language of art has much in common with the language of peace, and this is no coincidence. Art gives us a way of communicating even when we share no common language. It provides a nonviolent means of expressing our outrage at unjust acts, and it is through art that we come to accept—and even appreciate—the unique ways in which people see and interpret the world. Participants in this unique workshop will explore the peacemaking potential of art through a variety of interactive and hand-on experiences.

Life on the Edge: The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico's Copper Canyon
Participants will learn about the life and culture of the Tarahumara Indians including celebrations, customs, and the role of the environment in shaping their lives. Also included are descriptions and details of the native art forms and the ways in which art is helping to preserve traditional Tarahumara culture and lifestyle. Examples of related classroom activities are provided. The presentations conclude with a slide show and the inspiring story of the Tarahumara runners who participated in - and won - some of the premier endurance races in in the United States

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