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"Stevie Mack created a 'revolution' in the best sense in our district. She supported our efforts by providing structure for developing thematic units of study. Master teachers and new teachers alike are energized. Our district has since put its support behind the arts through funding for additional research and curriculum development."
Janet Suter, Rochester, MN
Stevie Mack

Stevie Mack, president of CRIZMAC and former art teacher, offers seminars on multicultural art education, comprehensive art education, and integrating the arts across the curriculum.

Author, publisher, and master teacher, Stevie Mack is passionate about art education and its unique contribution to the general curriculum. A recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from both the Michigan Art Education Association and the National Art Education Association, her vision is of an educational system that promotes the rich and challenging study of art for all students.

With an M.A. in Art Education from the University of Arizona and a B.A. in both Fine Arts and Education from the University of Cincinnati, Ms. Mack taught for 13 years in the public schools. In 1983, she was selected as the Arizona Art Educator of the Year. She served as Assistant Director of the Improving Visual Arts Education project, co-sponsored by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts and the National Diffusion Network. Ms. Mack's commitment to art education, combined with her love of teaching and writing inspired her to found CRIZMAC Art and Cultural Education Materials in 1985. CRIZMAC currently publishes education resources for art and classroom teachers.


New Topic! Lewis and Clark: The Art of the Expedition
Join the Bicentennial Celebration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition! Artists have found inspiration in the amazing events and accomplishments of the Lewis and Clark expedition ever since the intrepid explorers returned with tales of their adventures in the West. Help your students re-live this epic story of American history illustrated by the many works of art inspired by the expedition and make this historical event really memorable. Kitty Williams or Stevie Mack, authors of CRIZMAC's award winning Lewis and Clark VHS program Inspiring Journey, are each available to design workshops for teachers or students.

Multicultural Education
Cultural heritage and diversity are compelling concerns of educators in today's schools. Strategies for the implementation of multicultural education are discussed as participants learn how to design well-balanced lessons that reflect sensitivity and respect for diverse cultures. Art is presented as a reflection of culture and a vehicle for enriched communication. Handouts are provided.

Comprehensive Art Education
School districts across the nation have embraced the importance of providing comprehensive art education programs that engage students in art history and culture, art criticism, aesthetics, and the production of artworks. Participants are introduced to discipline-based art education and engage in activities that model successful implementation. Handouts are provided.

Art Across the Curriculum
A comprehensive art unit offers many opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction, making connections between language arts, social studies, science, and math. Classroom teachers learn how to integrate art across their curriculum. Art specialists develop the ability to broaden their curriculum to include other disciplines. Handouts are provided.

Also available as a keynote speaker.

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