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“The children were very enthused by Demetrio’s work-- and he really listened to them and discussed their many ideas. Reassuring the students that ‘everyone has the capacity to do art,’ he encouraged them to find their own styles.” – Wendy Sample, Head of the Dearborn Public Schools Art Program
Demetrio Garcia Aguilar
Born and raised in Mexico in the village of Ocotlán, Oaxaca, Demetrio García Aguilar grew up in a family of clay artists. Drawing on the traditions of his grandmother and his mother, the renowned artist, Josefina Aguilar, he learned to gather and prepare the raw materials and to model the engaging figures for which the family has earned worldwide acclaim. Demetrio continues the family tradition while developing his own unique style. Josefina’s figures often mirror scenes from daily life, but Demetrios are more surreal, products of the artist’s vivid imagination.

Together with his mother, Demetrio is featured in CRIZMAC’s Fantastic Figures: Oaxacan Ceramic Folk Art VHS/DVD program. Today a respected artist in his own right, he travels to the United States frequently to work with schools, museums, and universities. His presentations are designed for adults and students.

Fantastic Figures: Oaxacan Ceramic Folk Art
Participants learn about the traditional Oaxacan techniques for creating the immensely popular clay figures for which the Aguilar family is renowned. Demetrio García Aguilar teaches participants in his workshops the process of modeling and and painting the fanciful figures in much the same way as he was taught by his mother. His friendly, interactive presentations feature a demonstration and participants are encouraged to ask questions. A hands-on component is also available. Although Mr. García speaks some English, he is most comfortable in his native language of Spanish. If a local interpreter is not available, CRIZMAC can provide one for an additional fee.
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