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Building Unity
Mary Erickson, Ph.D. with Roxie May & Hillary Andrelchik
Building Unity features the extraordinary buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mary Colter.

The first lesson introduces design in everyday life and the important role designers play in helping clients imagine how ordinary objects might become extraordinary.

The second lesson helps students develop nature motifs and use them to unify their own designs. Included are samples of high school students' designs as well as those by Wright, Colter, and others. Students demonstrate their skills by designing producing prototypes of boxes or scale models of benches. As students research and share preliminary ideas and present and critique their completed designs, they develop Common Core Literacy skills.

Grades 9 to 12
Contains 11 PowerPoints, 2 Templates, 3 Worksheets, 3 Lesson Plans        (9202)      $34.95
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