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Island Worlds: Art and Culture in the Pacific
Cradled by the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean, the islands of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia are home to a thriving artistic heritage. Narrated by a young, Polynesian woman, this program is guaranteed to capture the imagination of your students as she tells the story of her ancestors and recalls the dramatic forces of nature that formed her homeland. Stunning and unique footage of the islands and the people participating in their ceremonies and customs, reveals the intimate relationship that exists between the water, the land and its people.

Various art forms including sculptural figures, masks, tapa cloth and wooden storyboards are introduced as examples of the rich artistic heritage of the islands. This program also highlights the important roles that music, dance and storytelling play in the continuation and preservation of cultural traditions. Art, social studies, world culture, and humanities teachers will find the program an engaging addition to their curriculum.

NOTE: This DVD presentation is the first video program in the complete CRIZMAC Curriculum: Island Worlds: Art and Culture in the Pacific.
Grades 4 to 12
DVD 15 minute program        (1711)      $39.95
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