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Alfonso’s Milagro
From ancient Greece and Rome to the contemporary Americas, the delicate craft of milagro-making has played an important role in many cultures. This program features the delightful story of a young Mexican boy named Alfonso. Through the telling of the tale, your students will learn about the history and significance of milagros in Mexican culture. Alfonso’s mother, who is taken ill, fuels his desire to help her heal. Although rebuffed by his older sisters, Alfonso visits the local milagro maker and volunteers to work for him in his shop to earn enough money to purchase milagos for his mother. After his day at work, Alfonso returns home with his milagro only to discover a wonderful surprise.

NOTE: Alfonso’s Milagro is the first video program in the complete CRIZMAC Curriculum: Milagos: Symbols of Hope
Grades 3 to 8
DVD 15 minutes       (1506)      $39.95
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