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Oaxaca Valley of Myth and Magic
A vibrant folk art tradition continues to thrive in the valley of Oaxaca, Mexico where Zapotec artists and crafts people create work sought by collectors. Small farming villages, nestled in the Sierra Madre mountain range, bustle with the production of woodcarvings, pottery and textiles. Using techniques passed on through the generations, artisans repeat time honored traditions blended with new innovative ways of working.

Textiles woven on simple harness looms and pottery, made by hand and fired to produce a satin black finish, are only a few of the crafts. Colorful woodcarvings, made from the local copal tree, are internationally famous. Many of the artists have risen in stature and are considered “collectable”.

A visit to Monte Alban, a magnificent archeological site built by the Zapotec people, is a tribute to the ancestors of the present day citizens of the valley. Oaxaca City, named a Colonial Heritage City, boasts a busy urban life with an active, colorful zocalo, museums, churches and more. Art, social studies, world culture, Spanish language, and humanities teachers will enjoy incorporating this program into their curriculum.

NOTE: This DVD presentation is the first video program in the complete CRIZMAC Curriculum: Oaxaca Valley of Myth and Magic.
Grades 4 to 12
DVD 25 minutes        (1207)      $39.95
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