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World Beneath a Canopy: Gifts of the Rainforest
Art & Culture of the Amazon
The Amazon River, nurtured by a canopy of lush vegetation, is home to millions of living species. People have thrived in this magnificent and sometimes threatening environment for centuries and have created art and craft from many natural materials. Some of the most spectacular art is made from the bounty of colorful feathers that adorn the birds of the rainforest.

Masks, headdresses and utilitarian objects are regaled with vibrant feathers. Baskets made of natural fibers, clay pottery, and wooden stools are some of the other types of objects that are crafted by the people. Your students will learn about the levels of the rainforest and how the environment, the culture and the art are deeply intertwined.

Art, social studies, world culture, science and humanities teachers will find the program an engaging and relevant addition to their curriculum.

NOTE: This DVD presentation is the first video program in the complete CRIZMAC Curriculum, titled:Amazon: World Beneath the Canopy.
Grades 3 to 12
DVD 40 minutes        (1806)      $39.95
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