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Architecture & Environment
Mary Erickson, Ph.D. and Michael Delahunt
Introduce your students to architecture with this new innovative, interactive, hands-on PowerPoint program. Developed with your students’ curiosity in mind, this program is sure to engage their interest. Based on the revolutionary career of Frank Lloyd Wright, many of his houses are presented to help tell the story of his remarkable achievements and establish the concepts of the program. A variety of activities include identifying the basic structural architectural concepts, identifying houses within complex environments, and drawing projects that challenge them to create housing within different environments. As “experienced architects” your students will identify a client and create a model house in paper relief. The PowerPoint presentations illustrate key architectural terms, provide all of the images you will need, and offer step-by-step instructions for the art-making activities with a variety of student examples. Four optional writing activities add to the richness of this value packed resource.
Grades 5 to 8
IBM and Macintosh compatible PowerPoint Presentation (230 images), Teacher’s Guide (PDF) Student handouts (PDF)        (9200)      $34.95
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