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World Beneath a Canopy: Life and Art in the Amazon
Stevie Mack and Jennifer Fiore

Experience the vitality of Amazonian art on this journey to the South American tropics, a lush jungle of color and energy, pattern and light. World Beneath A Canopy presents the art and cultures found deep in the Amazon rain forest, highlighting the environmental influences on Amazonian artists and the diversity of their art forms. Your students will gain an appreciation of this radiant world where environment, culture, and art are deeply intertwined.

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You and your students will enjoy:

  • Three concise video programs make this resource perfect for your school schedule. The first program, "World Beneath A Canopy," presents Amazonian art in relation to the rain forest environment. Students learn about the canopy, the river, the animals, and the art they inspire. Program length: 40 minutes. The second program, "Vessels in Clay," presents a coil pottery lesson demonstrated by high school students. Coiling, scoring, throwing slabs, and incising are some of the techniques introduced. Program length: 11 minutes. The third program, "Animals in Resist," highlights elementary students creating pastel resist drawings of animals in their environment. Program length: 6 minutes.

  • Fantastic images of the emerald rain forest, the people who live beneath its canopy, and the objects they create, come together in both live footage and still frames. Artworks burst with color and pattern kindred to their energetic environment.

  • An interesting narrative written especially for students compliments and intensifies the visual experience with fascinating information.

  • Five full-color art reproductions in a handy 8" x 10" size give your students a personal experience with the many types of Amazonian art.

  • Interdisciplinary activities such as legends, writing activities, science projects, and vocabulary are included in a reproducible student booklet that is easily adaptable for computer projects.

  • Two engaging art activities are included; Coil pottery making and pastel resist drawings.

  • Aesthetic questions challenge your students to discuss contemporary issues about art forms that have endured for centuries.

  • A Teacher's Guide complete with art lessons, discussion questions, vocabulary, materials lists, additional information about the rain forest, and assessment tools is included.

  • National Visual Art Standards and Assessment guidelines are addressed in each unit. Achievement Standards for grades 4-12 are provided in the student booklets.

    "I love your materials! They are full of ideas for elementary multicultural and interdisciplinary curriculum." Nancy Caruso, Englewood, CO

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Grades 4 to 12
DVD (3 programs), Teacher's Guide, Reproducible Student Booklet, 5 Full Color Prints, 8" x 10"       (1800 )      $89.95
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