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Master Pack
Stevie Mack and Deborah Christine

As an introductory program, Master Pack gives your students the rare opportunity to relate learned concepts about art to works by six masters. The studio activities teach your students about art and art-making as they create their own masterpieces. Written especially for a young audience, the format of this program will make it the backbone of your art curriculum year after year.

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Master Pack is a series of six comprehensive art units. You and your students will enjoy:

  • Over 200 extraordinary visual images in six still-frame video programs invite students to investigate and analyze the characteristics of different artistic styles. Each program is approximately 15 to 18 minutes in length.

  • An entertaining narrative engages students with biographical sketches that bring the artists and their work to life.

  • Six fully-developed art production activities increase your students' artistic abilities as they create paintings in a variety of styles.

  • Interdisciplinary activities include writing activities and vocabulary, which are featured in six eight-page reproducible student booklets.

  • Aesthetic questions challenge your students to discuss issues of beauty and artistic intent.

  • Six Teacher's Guides thoroughly cover content, presentation, and assessment tools.

  • National Visual Art Standards and Achievement Standards for grades 3-8 are provided in the student booklets.
Grades 3 to 8
DVD (Six Units), 6 Teacher's Guides, 6 Reproducible Student Booklets       (0000)      $209.00
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