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The Village of Textiles: Teotitlan del Valle DVD
Featuring the Vasquez Family
The rural village of Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico is internationally known for its handmade wool rugs. Colorful textiles created with natural dyes are woven into intricate patterns. Introduce your students to the tools and techniques used by the Zapotec artisans. They will see how the wool is cleaned, carded, and spun. The Vasquez family of Teotitlán demonstrates how to mix dye baths made from natural materials. After the wool is dyed, the floor loom is warped and the laborious weaving process begins. The program will offer your students a look at life in the village, as well as provide lots of inspiration for any weaving activity. A Teacher's Guide with suggestions for classroom activities is included. Combine this program with the other CRIZMAC resources in the Mexico section for many comprehensive lessons.

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Grades 4 to 12
DVD, 20 minutes, and Teacher's Guide       (2500)      $39.95
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