Chocolate Body Paint

And speaking, as we have been all week, of chocolate and passion, what better way to combine the two than in chocolate body paint? I debated whether to categorize this one as a recipe or an art project. Ultimately, I decided to go with art project because, for one thing, we already posted a great recipe for Chocolate Nirvana earlier. And you will certainly have an opportunity to get creative with this. So there you go. Make something beautiful!

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A Consuming Passion for Chocolate

Twill make Old Women Young and Fresh; Create New Motions of the Flesh.

And cause them long for you know what, If they but taste of chocolate.

” A History of Nature and the Quality of Chocolate

James Wadworth (1768-1844)

In 1861, an Englishman by the name of Richard Cadbury first packaged chocolates in heart-shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day. It was an inspired idea.

After all, chocolate is the single most-craved food. According to food writer Tom Harte in his book, Stirring Words, close to one billion dollars are spent every year to purchase 40 million boxes of the sweet confections. Some 80% of Americans now identify Valentine’s Day as the #1 chocolate gift-giving occasion. But while the marketing ploys may be (relatively) new, the human passion for chocolate dates back much farther than the 1800s [Read more...]

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