Anadama Bread

In many ancient cultures, the late summer marked the first harvest, and was often celebrated with festivities involving grain–and especially corn. So, in keeping with that tradition, making this delicious bread has become one of my personal summertime rituals.

Strange Name, Delicious Bread

And about the name…kind of strange, right? I’ve heard slightly different versions of its origin, but the basic story goes something like this:

Many years ago, there was a hardworking fisherman. Every day he went out on his boat and stayed for hours, trying to get the biggest catch he could. And every night, when he finally dragged himself back to his modest cottage, he was famished. Unfortunately, his wife Anna was very lazy and often there was no dinner waiting for him.

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Celebrate a Personal Summertime Ritual

"Rituals" by Dr. B K Guha

Rituals fill deep human needs and provide opportunities to express many emotions. Rituals can convey religious devotion…or they may express gratitude for the pleasures of life. Rituals can also help us through difficult times, providing an outlet for pain and grief.

There are rituals that are shared by members of various religious groups, among the people in a society or culture (the summertime corn-on-the-cob ritual we talked about earlier is one small example). And there are rituals within families. But we all need our own personal rituals as well.

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The “Sunscreen Essay”

Back in 1997, an essay titled Sunscreen or Wear Sunscreen was making the rounds on the Internet. According to the urban legend, it was a commencement address given by Kurt Vonnegut. That turned out not to be the case. It was actually the work of Mary Schmich, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. A couple of years later, it was used to create a successful music single by Baz Luhrmann (link below).

So I seriously doubt this will be new to many people (unless, perhaps, you were living in a cave for several years around that time) but because our topic recently has been the summer sun, and since it is graduation season and this would be fitting for a commencement address (even if it never actually was) I thought I’d share it here. Anyway, it’s good advice…and bears repeating. Do you agree?

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Summer Solstice Sauce

Want to celebrate the Summer Solstice but unsure what to feature on the menu? Well, you have a range of possibilities. Traditional Summer Solstice foods include a wide variety of summer fruits and vegetables (duh!) Yellow and orange foods, because they are sun colors, are especially popular, as are beer and ice cream (can’t argue with that!).

This delicious sauce is a good fit for its bright orange color as well as its tangy flavor. Plus, it’s a breeze to make. Use it as a grilling glaze or a dipping sauce—you can’t go wrong!

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