Create Your Own Sacred Space

A shrine is not a collection of objects to worship, but a place to awaken you to greater thoughts, feelings and noble actions.

Marianne Williamson

Perhaps it’s a nook in your garden, or maybe simply the top of a bureau, a corner in your kitchen or even a window ledge. However you configure it, a sacred space is place for you to meditate, to pray, to rediscover and recover. It is a place where you can honor those things you hold most sacred and precious.

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Stupefied by the Meaning of Life

Some years ago I managed a travel agency in Santa Fe, NM. Those who have worked with the traveling public can tell you it isn’t always easy. Just ask any airline employee about his or her experiences and be ready for an earful. (Remember that flight attendant recently who couldn’t take it any longer, popped a beer and activated the escape slide?)

Travel is stressful for many people—and it often involves significant amounts of money. Put that all together and it can lead to some pretty bad attitudes when things don’t go exactly right. And it’s the nature of the travel business that things often don’t go exactly right…

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