Symbols of Myself Collage

Stevie's "Symbols of Myself" Collage

Just as Frida Kahlo found solace in her art, you, too, may discover that art can provide a means to profound self-knowledge and growth. However, the kind of self-portraits that Frida was capable of producing may be just a little too intimidating (I’m speaking for myself here, okay?), so instead, we’ll focus on making a collage.

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Fascinating Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo's Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird. Source: Wikipedia

I’ll admit it. In the beginning, I didn’t “get” Frida Kahlo. Her paintings are often disturbing and, well, in some cases downright weird. And let’s face it, it’s a rare Frida painting that you’d look at and say, “Wow, I’d love to hang that over the sofa in the living room.”

But that’s just it. She wasn’t painting for me…or you…or for anyone else. In her relatively short life, Frida suffered a great deal both emotionally and physically. For reasons we’ll get into shortly, Frida spent long hours alone. and she began painting as a way to make sense of her life and to work through her pain.

There is already so much out there about Frida that I’ll keep this relatively brief. If  it whets your interest and you want to learn more, check out some of the resources I’ve listed at the end, including the fabulous movie, Frida, starring Salma Hayek.

So here, as a Frida for Dummies book (if such a thing existed), would say is the “least you need to know”:

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Artful Healing: 5 Ways You Can Create a Peace of Art

Art can help us heal. As we suggested in our post about the tragedy in Tucson and the subsequent post on the way the Chilean women were able to express their grief through their arpilleras, art can provide a powerful outlet for the sadness and stress that many of us are feeling.

5 Ways to Create a Peace of Art

A few projects/exercises you can try on your own: [Read more...]

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