Stevie Mack

Stevie Mack is the president and founder of CRIZMAC. She also serves as “editor-in-chief” of this blog. If the post you’re reading isn’t too long and rambling, you probably have Stevie to thank for it. (if it is, chances are Kitty put it up before Stevie had a chance to take her razor-edged editing pen to it). Stevie is also most often the one behind the lens, so many of the photographs you see here are hers. She earned an M.A. in Art Education from the University of Arizona and a B.A. in both Fine Arts and Education from the University of Cincinnati. A former art teacher, Stevie was selected as the Arizona Art Educator of the Year in 1983. She is also a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from both the Michigan Art Education Association and the National Art Education Association, and deserves an award for consistently maintaining her calm, cool composure when Kitty is flying off the handle about one thing or another.

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