It’s a Digital Age

Just about everything we can think of is available to us digitally.  With technology evolving minute by minute, computers, tablets and cell phones, offer us a wealth of information at our fingertips.  Some may see it as advantageous; others dread using it. However we feel about it…it is here to stay.

Many of you have enjoyed our colorful printed catalog for the last 27years. In 2012, we decided to offer our catalog online for many reasons. As a result, we can all enjoy many advantages. For example, digital catalogs allow us to produce ongoing updates for you that are not possible with printed documents.  We are also able to provide more in-depth descriptions of our resources that in turn provide you with more information to make the best purchasing decisions for your program. The ability to share the document easily with other colleagues is another plus. By email, the link to the catalog disperses within seconds, and everyone making purchasing decisions or group orders can view it simultaneously. The popular Did You Know sections, formally in the old print versions, have returned because we have more space to include them! Another benefit of the new magazine/catalog format is that you are able to receive, via email, a new issue quarterly. The magazine section offers articles, activities, an artist spotlight and special offers.

We purposefully selected a simple format for our document that is compatible with older computers as well as the newest machines. If you do not have the capacity to use the digital format, please contact us.

CRIZMAC is dedicated to providing the finest quality resources for the best value. With our online magazine/catalog, we are able to offer more. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of technology and join us in discovering the possibilities in this exciting digital age.

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