Colorful, Fun Tissue Paper Flowers Are Easy on the Eyes – and the Budget!

Festive, colorful celebrations are a big part of what so many of us love about Mexican culture. And one of the best things about the traditional decorations–like these tissue paper flowers–is that they generally use materials that are easy to come by and won’t break the bank. Scatter a few of these flowers around and you will instantly create a festive atmosphere to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (or whatever…)

The directions I’m going to give you here use full sheets of tissue paper to create gigantic, showy flowers. If you prefer to make smaller flowers, simply cut the pieces of tissue in half, or even in fourths. The basic directions remain the same in any case.


Tissue paper in a variety of colors (you’ll need 6 sheets for each flower)

Pipe cleaners (1 per flower)


Wooden dowels or garden stakes to use for stems (1 per flower. If you’re making smaller flowers, you may also be able to use pipecleaners for your stems. Experiment to see what works best for your particular situation).


Roll of crepe paper streamers (optional)



  1. Stack 6 sheets of tissue paper. These can be of different colors, a single color, or any combination in between, depending on the look you’re going for.
  2. Beginning at one of the short ends. Fold the stack back and forth, accordian-style. The number and size of the folds may vary, but generally the more and narrower the folds, the frillier the flower.
  3. When you have completed your folds, twist a pipe cleaner around the center
  4. Use your scissors to cut both ends of the stack. You can round the ends (the most traditional petal shape), but you may want to experiment with other shapes as well. For instance, you could cut both ends to a point, or alternatively, cut out a wedge or “V” shape.
  5. Open the flower by gently spreading out each end as much as possible and then carefully pulling each layer individually up and toward the center.
  6. When you’ve finished with all layers on both sides, turn your flower over. To make it even more festive, you can tie two 6-foot strips of crepe paper streamers to the pipe cleaners at the base of the flower.
  7. Take the two pipe cleaner ends and twist them around the wooden dowel, garden stake, or whatever you are using for a flower stem. Tape them in place to secure them. Enjoy your beautiful flower!

And what is the perfect musical accompaniment to all this? The classic folksong, De Colores, of course!

YouTube Preview Image


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  1. stevie mack says:

    What a perfect blog for the beginning of summer fun and entertainment. With Memorial Day in a week and the 4th of July around the corner, the flowers would be a great decoration made with red, white and blue tissue. Using the large pieces of tissue paper to make the flowers gives you a big splash for a few cents.
    Thanks for sharing another great idea with our readers. I know you have lots more ideas for us to enjoy over the summer.