“My Plate Is Full” Activity

“I have a very full plate.” Many times we use this expression to indicate we’re overloaded and can’t take on any more. And often it’s true. Certainly, some of us do need to simplify, scale back, and uncomplicate our lives. (Unfortunately, I’ll need to do a lot more personal work before I can write with any degree of credibility about that.)

This exercise is based on putting a more positive spin on the whole full plate idea. It comes to us by way of a talented writer and writing teacher, Judith Hill, whom we worked with as a part of our Georgia O’Keeffe Art and Leadership Workshop in Santa Fe.

This is an easy and inexpensive—but powerful—exercise. All you’ll need is a plain old paper plate and an assortment of markers, colored pencils or whatever writing/drawing implements you like to work with.

With the plate in front of you, begin by repeating to yourself, “My plate is full…” As you do this, consider all the blessings in your life: the people you love, the roles you play, the many things you enjoy…

Write or draw some sort of representation of each as it occurs to you. Turn the plate around and around as you work, until you have completely filled it with all the positive things in your life. That’s it—that’s all there is to it! A simple, but simply fantastic exercise for lifting your spirits and giving yourself a renewed appreciation for the blessings in your life. And you might keep it in mind, too, the next time you catch yourself bemoaning your too-full plate…

Note: Hold onto your plate (not your hat, but your plate in this case)! It will come in handy for another activity that we have planned for later this month.

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