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How do I know what dates a speaker is available?

Call CRIZMAC at 1-800-913-8555, or send an email to steviemack@crizmac.com with the date that you would like to have the speaker. We will check with the speaker for availability and let you know right away.

What, if any, are the speaker fees?

The honorariums for the CRIZMAC speakers range from $450.00 to $1,200.00 per workshop. Please contact us concerning the speaker that you are interested in, and we can give you the information pertinent to your request.

Who is responsible for transportation & hotel accommodation?

The school, school district or private organization hiring the speaker is responsible for the speaker’s transportation (airfare and/or land) to and from his or her departure city, for the nights incurred in a hotel during his or her stay away from their departure city, and for meals. Please contact us directly for the departure city of the speaker with whom you are interested in working.

Can I customize a workshop, or will speakers only present on the themes that are listed?

The CRIZMAC speaker’s are experts in their field of study, and are always willing whenever possible to customize their themes for your particular audience. Please feel free to contact us directly so that we can talk about your special needs.

Can I request a speaker for children, or is it faculty & staff only?

Several of our speakers present to children, while others work directly faculty and staff. Contact us for specifics.

What if I’m not sure who or what I want?

We are here to help you decide which speaker and or/ topic would best suit an inservice that you are planning. Call us direct and we will offer our advice and suggestions.

Do I have to be in Arizona or do speakers travel?

No, you do not have to be in Arizona to hire our speakers. Our speakers are based in different U.S. cities as well as Mexico. They are able to travel to your location.

How do I sign up?

Call our 1-800-323-8555 number and ask to speak to Stevie Mack. She will book your speaker directly for you. A contract confirming the dates, topic and location of the seminar is prepared and sent to the district for authorization of payment.